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Help Jelena Kontic represent SERBIA #changingdiabetes

The Story

Hi everyone,
thank you for even being on this page, it means a lot to me. My name is Jelena and I am a synchronised swimmer in Serbian National team. In 2017. I became a national champion in Solo (both in Junior and Senior category)

My dream is to represent Serbia at 2020 Summer Olympic Games, despite all odds were against succeeding in it one day.

When I was 9 I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1, so Insulin is my kind of drug 🙂 All I’ve been hearing since then is to quit, to stop training so intensively; how people with diabetes are not meant to be “professional” athletes (or at least it is very challenging for them and they are less likely to succeed) I am working hard to make prove them wrong.- It is not always easy as my blood sugar levels might say :).

Anyway,  Synchronised swimming is exclusively female sport in Serbia and that makes it very difficult to find funding or sponsorship. Therefore, I have to ask all of you out there willing to help me and Serbian National team reach our goal to make some donations ( I do not have to emphasise that no donation is a small donation, even only $1 means that we are that closer to our goal. With this fundraising I am trying to raise money to represent Serbia @  Canada Open 2018 and America Open 2018.

The plan is to go with the my Duet partner Nevena, my coach Svetlana (also my mum) and my Team manager (my  older sister) to these two competitions . As You can see it takes a village to make it all work, and they all dedicate to this cause as much time and effort as I do. To be honest, we are not even sure if this $ 6000 will be enough to cover only the plane tickets as we need to get from Belgrade to New York ( or somewhere else in the USA) and then to go to Vancuver CA, then to LA, USA and then Back to New York ( or our first location) and then back to Belgrade, but we have to start somewhere.

We will transparently show how every $  we manage to raise is spent. And I will list all of you kind people across the globe who help us on my blog.

You can read more about me on my blog https://jelenakonticblog.wordpress.com 
and my instagram:  jelena_synchro

Here  you can see how my duet partner and I did at the 17th FINA Wolrd championship 2017 in Budapest.

Here are the official links to the competitions CANADA Open  and AMERICA Open

Thank You all in advance.

Jelena Kontic and Ivana Krstic ( and  SERBIA Senior National Team )